Demovarer / Over stock AC Permanent Magnet (PM) motor / generator 2900Nm for sale


On behalf of the current owner we are offering 2 pcs. AC Permanent Magnet motors / generators for sale or rent.

The machines are designed and build by Vascat in Spain and sold new to a customer in Norway by us in 2011. Since leaving the factory they have only run 50-100 hours in a test bench setup under our supervision. For the time being they are safe and dry stored on individual pallets in Norway.

Key features / data:

  • Rugged welded steel size 250 IM B3 stator frame with IC97W tube coil liquid cooling and 95 x 170mm keyed DE shaft.
  • 16 pole low rpm design.
  • Nominal S1 torque 2900-2800Nm and nominal frequency 11-85Hz, S6-40% nominal torque ca. 4600Nm.
  • Typical application nominal generator data: 400V - 2922Nm - 289rpm - 79,9kW - 39Hz - 196A.
  • Other generator / motor application data on request.
  • Maximum open cirquit voltage: 1000Vrms / 1000rpm.
  • Weight: Ca. 640kg. Length incl. shaft and encoder: Ca. 1040mm. Maximum height: Ca. 585mm. Maximum width: Ca. 582mm.
  • Protection: PTC sensors 140 degr. C.
  • NDE side provisions for encoder included. Sine/cos encoder can be included.

We also have available 2 pcs. Gefran series XVy 132kW 400V frequency inverters with sine/cos encoder and Profibus interfaces suitable for the machines.

All available on short notice, subject to intermediate booking.

For more information and requests, please contact our Jørn Olerud.


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